Our Mission


We strive to make voting simple and painless by being your one-stop-shop for anything and everything related to voting. We are committed to battling voter suppression and empowering every voter in our city.

We believe that everyone has the right to share their voice at the ballot box and we aim to make voting equitable, accessible, simple, and painless by being your one-stop-shop for anything and everything related to voting.


Our Board


Emma Steelman 

President & Co-Founder of Vote Huntsville

Executive Director of Love Huntsville

Emma has a degree in paralegal studies and is a goldsmith and small business owner. She follows her passions, whether through creating art or advocating for the city of Huntsville to be an equitable home for all.

In her spare time, Emma loves to spend time outdoors hiking and kayaking. She also has four adorable fur babies that she will always find an excuse to show you pictures of. 

Emma’s goal is to build strong grassroots efforts in Huntsville, and looks forward to bettering Huntsville alongside you!


Sam Belina

Creative Director, Technical Lead, & Co-Founder of Vote Huntsville

With their degree from Iowa State in Interdisciplinary Design and minors in Digital Media and Philosophy, Sam has taken to ensuring Vote Huntsville has agency-level branding, graphics, and technology accounts to assist both voters and volunteers in finding support they need with ease. 

Sam originally started Small Business Consulting for GoDaddy in 2012 and has helped dozens of businesses exceed their personal goals since. Sam’s goal is to bring a simplified design to voting rights information and to make the process fun.

Sam has lived in Huntsville for two years and is proud to have moved to a city growing in its diversification and support of those in need. They spend most of their time working or volunteering their skills, and find relief when hiking to the falls on Monte Santo when possible.


Jordan Steelman

Executive Director of Vote Huntsville

Founding Member of Love Huntsville

Jordan is a University of Alabama in Huntsville engineering alumni who became an Aerospace Structural Engineer, working in Huntsville for 10 years. Jordan is a data junkie who likes to find practical and lasting solutions to any and all issues, especially those regarding protecting voting rights and helping marginalized populations.

Jordan loves to advocate for and empower people in the Huntsville community to use their voices and their votes to enact the change they want to see.

Jordan is also an avid hiker, fisherman, and kayaker that loves to be in the outdoors with his wife Emma and their three dogs.  



Josh Roberts

Director of Communications

A native Huntsvillian and Grissom graduate, Josh attended the University of North Alabama before pursuing the film industry in both New York City and Atlanta. Now a camera operator working across the globe, he has once again made Huntsville his home base.

Josh acknowledges both his hometown’s recent growth and a national rise of complex voting hurdles. He knows that Huntsville’s brightest future features a city whose every voice is heard on election day.

On his off days, Josh can be found practicing photography, supporting local music and the arts or exploring North Alabama’s hiking trails and waterways with his dog Bruno.

Our Story

Vote Huntsville was started in the spring of 2020 with the goal of registering protesters to vote. We quickly grew after realizing  the difficulties  surrounding registering to vote in the state of Alabama, finding relevant voting information, and learning about candidates.

image of voluteers from Vote Hutsville gathered togehter

We strive to make voting a simple and painless process by being a local one-stop-shop for anything and everything voting related. It is our belief  that everyone has the right to share their voice at the ballot box by voting, and we intend to do everything we can to empower both disenfranchised communities and people in Huntsville.

We love the city of Huntsville, and are incredibly passionate about rights and practices surrounding fair voting for all. If you would like to volunteer or have any questions about local voting opportunities or information, please contact us.